The Top One Hundred

At the beginning of 1999 the newspaper Le Monde and the department store FNAC ran a competition which invited the public to name the major books, music and films of the twentieth century.

The results were published by the newspaper Le Monde on October 15th, 1999. Out of one hundred novels, Le Grand Meaulnes is listed in ninth place. The top ten are:

1) Albert Camus : L’Etranger (Gallimard Folio)

2) Marcel Proust : A la recherche du temps perdu (Gallimard Folio)

3) Franz Kafka : Le Procès (Gallimard Folio)

4) Antoine de Saint-Exupéry : Le petit Prince (Gallimard Folio)

5) Andre Malraux : La Condition Humaine (Gallimard Folio)

6) Louis Ferdinand Celine : Voyage au Bout de La Nuit (Gallimard Folio)>/

7) John Steinbeck : Les Raisins de la colère (Gallimard Folio)

8) Ernest Hemingway : Pour qui sonne le glas (Gallimard Folio)

9) Alain-fournier : Le Grand Meaulnes (LGF, Livre de Poche)

10) Boris Vian : L’écume des Jours (LGF, Livre de Poche)

Drafts of Le Grand Meaulnes in the library of Bourges

Alain Rivière, Alain Fournier's nephew will donate 10,000 pages of original documents to the library of the town of Bourges.

Alain Rivière is very pleased to see these documents in Bourges, his adopted home, where the public and not only the researchers will be entitled to consult this literary treasury which represents a major aspect of the literature of beginning of the century.

(except from The Berry Republican Newspaper Nov 22,1999)

Thank you to Veronique, Suzan and Chris for their help

Photos : "collection particulière droits réservés"